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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – #1 Game of the Year?

With November approaching quickly, the annual release of Activision’s blockbuster franchise – Call of Duty, will launch their eleventh main instalment titled, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The game is set to be a graphical master piece and is aimed to shake things up in the revolutionary, but overused formula of Call of Duty’s Multiplayer.
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The campaign is set in the future, possibly a few decades from now, where nations have outsourced their army and defenses to PMCs (Private Military Contractors). One such PMC, called Atlas, has the largest and most advanced forces and is enlisted by the US government to protect nuclear assets from terrorist organizations which have simultaneously launched mass attacks on various places of the world. Since the setting is in the future, the player and other soldiers will be equipped with advanced body armour like exo-skeletons, laser guns and smart grenades. Apart from that, there is a wide variety of robots, and other advanced technologies used in the story.

The futuristic experience extends to multiplayer where you can use weapons using standard, as well as rechargeable ammunition. There are a variety of perks in the exo-skeleton which allows for force multipliers for speed, agility and strength, enabling you to obtain certain abilities. These factors will change the dynamics of the multiplayer action with traditional weapons which many Call of Duty fans are used to. The advanced weaponry and special abilities present a wide array of tactical opportunities for every situation and lets the player decide on how we wants to bring down his opponent. The trademark kill streak feature will be modified into score streaks where you can customize certain abilities and use them based on the score you have earned.

Apart from the changes in the multiplayer game-play, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is made on a completely new game engine, and is technically built from scratch. The graphics are aimed to be photo realistic while the animations and visual effects will be fluid. The game is being developed by Sledgehammer games and marks the beginning of a three year development cycle in the franchise wherein each of the three studios will get three years to work and perfect their title before launch.

The game is expected to launch of 4th of November this year on a wide variety of platforms including previous generation consoles(Xbox 360 and PS3), PC and current generation consoles ie. PS4 and Xbox One. It has a provisional ESRB rating of M (Mature) and may not be suitable for younger audiences. As always there are a few pre-order bonuses for those who buy their copy of Advanced Warfare before the official launch date.