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Destiny – Is it worth the hype?

On the first day Destiny got released, it made over 500 million dollars in revenues. With its interesting concept that has brought new life into the FPS genre it comes as no surprise. Destiny is Activision’s latest FPS, made by the developers behind Halo, Bungie studios, it consists of a sci-fi backdrop with a fallen earth back-story. It’s a mix of FPS/MMO due to the fact that it incorporates RPG leveling mechanics such as loot grabbing and multi-player Co-op team game-play. Here is a review of Destiny
The story line behind Destiny is that, centuries in the future, humanity’s expansion into deep space has been accelerated due to the discovery of a sphere called the ‘Traveler’. The Traveler ignited a golden age where humanity made huge leaps pertaining to the advancement of technology and exploration of other civilizations. Unfortunately, the golden age period ended when “The Darkness”, an ancient enemy of the Traveler, wage a campaign of eradication against humanity and civilization as a whole. As a result of the darkness campaign of destruction, the traveler sacrificed itself so that humanity could survive. Through the Traveler’s sacrifice, an army of warriors known as the Guardians harnessed the Traveler’s remaining energy which gave them powerful abilities that allow them to inflict devastation offensive and defensive attacks. Now as humanity lies on the brink of extinction, the Guardians are the only defenders of the remnants of civilization against the wrath of The Darkness.

As you travel from planet to planet, the one thing you’ll notice about Destiny is that it’s a beautiful, intricately detailed game. From the desolation of old Russia, to the alien settlements on Mars and Venus, the beauty of the art surrounding the design of the in game environment cannot be overstated.

Gameplay Mechanics
In the single player campaign of Destiny, the player is tasked with venturing to various planets throughout the solar system in an attempt to destroy the forces that protect the Darkness, with the ultimate goal of destroying it, so that humanity can return to the state that it was prior to its intervention. Even though destiny can be played by a single individual, it’s a multiplayer focused game. And players have to ability to connect online and start alliances with other player so that they can complete the various missions together.

Overall Impression
The story-line behind Destiny is tantalizing to say the least and the in game environment is nothing short of being visually pleasing. The only problem I have come across with the game, as is noted by many players is the fact that it gets pretty tedious. Even though you can travel to other planets and engage with other enemies from different environments, the concept of every single mission is the same, locate an enemy, shoot it with a hundred bullets, move on to the next mission. So even though the game is amazing, it’s not perfect. I give it an 8/10.