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Far Cry 4 for Xbox & Playstation

The developers of Far Cry 4 confirmed its release date for 18 November, 2014 in North America followed by Europe and the UK having it on 20 November. As with all games expected there are always rumours and very little confirmations, however closer to release date developers love to entice players with what lays ahead and what to look forward to.
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Ubisoft, the developers of Far cry 4 defines the setting of the new game as breathing taking, wild and perilous with the Himalayas setting used. Previous story lines sent players to locales such as Central Africa and the South Pacific and they did not intend to disappoint with their latest exotic locale. Cliffs will be blasted at some point is the promise and although players are used to hardly any story line in the previous Far Cry games, things seem to be changing in Far Cry 4. The developers added more of a story line and brought old characters back to live.

The Far Cry 3 character, Hurk will be a bonus for players and he will also bring along The Impaler, his beloved harpoon gun. Although it is just speculation there is a possibility that the developers may also bring back some of the old, popular predecessors.

During Far Cry 3, the character Vaas stole the show as villain, and became one of the most memorable characters on any of the Far Cry Games. Far Cry 4 will have a new, despotic self-appointed ruler, Pagan Min. He will be like his predecessor Vaas, be a very entertaining sociopath and be sure he will hunt you down for hours during the game.

The game has its villain and needs a protagonist and you will find it in the new main character Ajay Ghale. He will take on the Himalayas terrorists and extremely well-armed with a zillion weapons, including knifes, guns, bombs, crossbow and grappling hooks. He has a wing suit to glide through the Himalayas and has superior skills when it comes to cars – stealing cars.

Ajay will also be joined by the Far Cry 3 favourite, Hurk more in a saviour type of way as he will aid Ajay in getting out of difficult situations. With the developer bringing back Hurk there is speculation that some other may also return, but for that wait until after mid-November!

Gamers will be happy to hear that Far Cry 4 will be available on the following platforms, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. The Nintendo’s Wii U is skipped for this game however.