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FIFA 15 Available on all Platforms

The arrival of the next generation consoles; PS4 and Xbox One, has come at the right for EA Sports. The company has always been producing exceptional PC and console games with its FIFA series games every year for the past seven years. As good as FIFA 14 still is, the development of FIFA 15 has brought computer footballing experience closer to realism.
FIFA 15 is set to be released on 26th September and will be available on almost all platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PC and Xbox 360. EA Sports has used the next-generation processing power to make players and the stadiums more luscious than ever before. It has also made it possible to tap deeper into the emotional part of the game. Club rivalries will make the game very interesting just like in the real matches.

Emotional Intelligence of the players
This has never been done before, and for the first time ever, players have memories and can show emotion-based actions on the context of a match. The game comes with over 600 new emotional reactions where players can respond to pivotal moments on the field including missed chances at the last minute of the match, epic goals, bad tackles and many more, just as they would in reality.

Match Day Dynamism
Just like FIFA 14 featured a dynamic and new match day presentation, FIFA 15 takes Match Day presentation to a whole new level with more dynamism integrated. It is immersive and the commentary has improved significantly to highlight unique reactions of the fans. The chants and behaviours of the fans are also relevant to a club or country. There is also new bench reactions side-line character animations and 10 man goal celebrations that will keep enthusiasts of the game engaged.

Improved Agility and Control
You will be able to control the ball with ease and according to a player’s traits. Players will explode into action with improved agility, balance, cuts and neat passes of the ball when in possession, with greater responsiveness and personality. You will also be able to keep the ball easily while sprinting, a feature that was lacking a bit in FIFA 14.