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Little Big Planet 3 – A Quick Overview

In a nutshell, Little Big Planet 3 introduces some three new playable characters; OddSock, Swoop and Toggle. They have their own personalities and abilities that are unique. Sackboy has to learn working with his new found friends in accomplishing his new adventure. There are even more layers that have been introduced on the z-axis depth by LBP3. The game also has limitless possibilities present for User generated Content (UGC) due to the diversity of the characters and added layers in the Create mode. This mode also features some new tools that are quite powerful to ensure more gameplay and offer seasoned creators more customization possibilities. It is possible for anyone to create worlds of their own.
little big planet 3
Players are able to learn more about the powers of their characters in interacting with their environment physically. It has great puzzles that require to be solved as well as creative resources to be collected. All these require a collaborative teamwork as well as combining brains. It is possible to customize Sackboy to give him a real look that the player desires. The game can be fun for children but even more fun is guaranteed for adults too if they use the level creator. It is a great game that is meant to give the player a chance to have fun not just blowing up stuff as it is synonymous with other games.

The game presents a sound idea where players can create their own levels that depicts a side scrolling platform of their dreams. The best part is that a player can be able to play some levels that have been created by other players making the game far more interesting. As the game has a supply of new levels that are continuous, Little Big Planet remains fresh and there is always a new level to play.

Although it is rare, the game can get repetitive at times which can make it boring. The fact that only the main person has his own camera while the rest do not have is a point that ought to have been considered especially for players playing the game online. The game controls are great but there is that unfulfilled desire to jump higher than it is possible in the game. There are some concerns about the story mode on the game with some quarters claiming that the creators could have done more with it.

This is one game I highly recommend for all real platforming game fans and those who have their PS3 machines.