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Natural Doctrine for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Playing Natural Doctrine seems like digging deep to find a precious dinosaur skeleton. There is something awesome lying underneath and you have to go for it slowly and in a careful manner in order to unearth it successfully. Natural Doctrine has a high quality tactical RPG within it that a player has to work hard before unearthing it.
Natural Doctrine
This game requires a player to slowly learn the little battle tactics that are useful in winning the game on his own thus making it more adventurous. One has to learn the best way possible to take advantage of the turn system of the game. The game offers each player with a lengthy task that is supposed to challenge their ability to use all the knowledge they have on playing games and treat any action they take with care.

It is a very punishing game as any move may make the player lose the game. However, it is a great advantage for people who appreciate difficult challenges given that there are so many easy games available today. Players have to look at the situation presented by this game and try to puzzle out the best way to clinch a victory.

It is possible to get some fun battles where the player evaluates the battle situation and finds a way to approach it. In some situations, there are several ways that can win the battle but in some, only one winning strategy is the way out. The game combines the old discussion of good difficulty pitted against bad difficulty where only the strategy that the designers want you to follow is the only way to win.

As it is normal with all products, they always have a negative side. The Natural Doctrine is no different and has several cons. The opening tutorial of this game only shows the players the basics of playing the game like attacking, moving and defending. The tutorial leaves the player on his own after those basic instructions. This fact opens this game in a rather confusing way that even those game veterans worth their salt find it hard to start the game.

The Crucial game systems of Natural Doctrine are not well explained which is something odd for a tactical RPG and this is viewed as a disservice. Instead of a player taking only a few minutes to learn the basics of playing the game well from tutorials, they are forced to spend long hours playing the game and getting killed in order to learn how to play the game well. This fact will make more players to be turned off by the Natural Doctrine game as even the most common sense games nowadays come with well informed tutorials.