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PES 15 – Better than FIFA?

PES 15 is officially referred to as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2015 in Asia. This is simply a football simulation game that was developed for gamers and published by Konami. It is for use on PS 4, PS3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360. This is actually the fourteenth edition of PES series. Besides, this is the FIFA 15 rival and a lot has been done to make it match up to the task.
Important aspects that make PES 15 an ideal football game
PES 15 is among the footballing games giants and a lot of improvements have been made to make it even more appealing and fun to play. There are some important aspects and features that have been enhanced that place it at par with FIFA 15. These include the following:

  • Gameplay – PES 15 has a new engine called Fox Engine that makes it more fun to play. You will have a smooth flow of the game without any hitches such as shooting time and passing accuracy.
  • Improvement in goalkeepers – The new engine by Konami is actually an upgrade to goalkeeping. Goalkeepers are now better than other previous PES versions and actually makes the whole gaming look like a real football game.
  • Lifelike graphics – The players in PES 15 and the crowd in the stadium are actually lifelike. Although this might not be 100% perfect, but it is way better than in other latest games like FIFA 15. The faces of players and the crowd are more detailed.
  • Licenses – Some of the football leagues are unlicensed but the French League and Spanish league are fully licensed so you can enjoy them fully.
  • Introduction of a new online mode – Besides the Master League mode, Konami has come up with a new mode for PES 15. The Master League mode has also been redesigned to one that is quite similar to that of FIFA. This new design is called MyClub and can be found both online and offline. it comes as one of the best features of PES 15.

This is a must have game for football game lovers as it is ranked among the footballing game giants and a review of PES 15 totally speaks for itself. One other important aspect of PES 15 is the weekly DLC updates for updates on transfers and team line-ups for Spanish, English, Brazilian, French and Italian leagues. The game will be launched on November 13th and it will be fully released two months later once the playable demo is out too.