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The Crew – Competition to Need for Speed?

The Crew is a video game where cars race in an open environment within the United States. The game is developed by the Ubisoft Reflections and the Ivory Towers. The game was published by Ubisoft and operates on Microsoft Windows, PS 4, Xbox one and Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is being developed by the Asobo Studio.
the crew
How is the game played
The game involves cars racing across the different states and usually the races are open and persistent. The racing usually takes 90 minutes to race from one coast to another. For a single player, the campaign usually takes 20 hours to complete. But completing the race is not as easy as one may think. There are several intriguing criminal groups that make it difficult for one to make it across and drivers have to drive exceptionally well to make through.

As one drives across the world, they will find skills peppered all over the different states that must be activated for one to participate in. Whenever players drive through them, they activate them and challenges include driving very close to a racing line and through weaving gates. Players have to get through without crashing.

The scores for the players are saved automatically and anybody coming to play can view them and try to beat them. The scores work in the similar way games like Need for Speed work. Players can engage in a mission alone or with friends as they try to outsmart each other. One can also log online and play with other players. The multi-player allows up to eight players to compete in one game. Cars can be built using the tie in app found on iOS and android phones.

There are no unnecessary pauses or in images when loading. There are no differences between the multi-player and the single player. When playing alone, one has to still log online to play just like other Ubisoft titles.

The Ivory Tower which has developed the game includes the former employees of the Eden games. There are plans to use the new console social and other cooperative features that will make playing more entertaining. According to Ubsoft, the release date for the game has been set on the November dates of 11th, 13th and 14th and on the 4th of December. The game was released on 21 of July for a limited time on PC and those who got the chance to play it can agree it will be very entertaining and challenging.

It will be a really good experience to participate in this game as players try to beat the many hurdles on way.